Integrity: doing the morally right thing

The quality of our lives depends largely upon the actions of others that affect us. The actions of those on whom we depend are particularly important to our safety, health, wealth, freedom and happiness. Think for example of dependency relationships such as the state and the citizen, the parent and the child, the patient and the nurse or the teacher and the pupil.


This website aims at facilitating moral integrity in organizations. We offer internationally oriented integrity consultancy and we train professional philosophical consultants.

We are developing a world-wide network of practical philosophers and philosophical trainers who can attend to business organizations, governmental and semi-governmental institutions, as well as educational and health care organizations, to improve moral quality of actions.
We teach you how to support and enhance individual moral judgment, and work on conditions necessary to make it work in organizations.


What can you expect on this website?

The first part covers the possibilities of becoming an expert trainer to teach dialogue training. Secondly you can work on recognizing moral attitudes; third we offer you training in becoming a dilemma trainer, and we offer you support in concrete consultancy projects concerning integrity. It is possible to follow course three ‘dilemma training’ separately. Courses start from January 2009.

The second part of this site leads organizations to trainers/consultants who successfully have passed the train-the trainer course(s). Other consultants who are not integrity consultants, but who are also relevant to the success of your integrity policy, are given the opportunity to advertise on this website. This part is due in January 2009.