I want to become a trainer

Integrity Consultants International can help you to become a expert trainer in training others in making right and proper moral judgements. This means that you will be trained to become an integrity trainer in your own language and culture. You also will be trained to become an integrity consultant, who also is able to support and give advice to the management of an organisation about how to effectively implement integrity policy.

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Dada explained

DADA stands for key concepts indispensable when implementing or anchoring integrity in organizations: Dialogue & deliberation, Attitude, Decision and Action.  According to our experience, supported by scientific research, these are the core aspects to ensure effective implementation of integrity policy in an organization.
The consultancy concept taught by DADA involves a broad approach: it promotes individual thinking and accountability and pays attention to the skills required for participation in a community of moral inquiry.
It is important to prepare organizations (agents, people, managers, civil servants, employees) to go through the process of enhancing and rooting integrity together, and to optimalising external as well as internal conditions so that all stakeholders speak the same moral lingua franca, they use the same analysis and argument method, and accept outcomes of methodical moral argumentation as the guidelines for action in their working practice.
This approach combines elements from various scientific disciplines, e.g. psychological research about human behavior, motivation and decision making; on the philosophical hermeneutic approach as introduced by Husserl and worked out by Nelson in the Socratic Dialogue Method; but also ancient wisdom from Aristotle in his work Ethica Nicomachea; and the knowledge and experience of risk-analysis and investigation of breaches of ethics.